Parker Hannifin introduces externally monitored pneumatic safety exhaust valve for emergency stop and fault conditions


Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, has introduced a new safety exhaust valve that rapidly exhausts compressed air in the event of a fault condition or when a machine has an emergency stop. The P33 is designed for two-channel control architectures and is externally monitored. The new safety valve has a patented fail-safe design and is suitable for use in applications up to category 4 performance level e.

The P33 safety exhaust valve is available with adjustable soft-start and high flow exhaust performance to ensure rapid exhaust of compressed air when required. Designing a control system with a high diagnostic coverage provides a high means of fault detection within the valve, while LEDs provide operators with a clear status indication of sensor power, main solenoid operation and fault condition.

The design of the P33 safety exhaust valves has been optimised for long service life (B10d), very high flow rates, high faulted flow rates, compact design and high mean time to failure (MTTF) values. Connectivity is via two M12 connectors that provide solenoid and pressure sensor interfacing. Compatibility with devices from popular manufacturers such as Rockwell, Omron, Sick and Siemens underlines the versatility and flexibility of the valves.

Being externally monitored gives greater control at the safety device for the customer’s application. It also reduces the complexity of the machine for start-up or resetting of the valve. The fail-safe design of the P33 family is maintenance-free and requires no additional silencers or mufflers that can clog creating potentially unsafe exhaust conditions.

Versatile P33 safety valve is easy-to-use and provides a responsive safety solution

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