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Selecting the right tool for the job is fundamental to achieving optimum tool performance and efficiencies as well as maximising operator productivity and safety. With Atlas Copco’s extensive portfolio of handheld pneumatic, hydraulic and petrol driven products, customers and end-users can rest assured that they will always have the right tool, whatever the task, working conditions or job site.

“Atlas Copco has broken the mould when it comes to handheld demolition and construction equipment, offering a range of world-class quality compact tools that lead the market in reliability, ergonomics and safety,” affirms David Stanford, Business Line Manager of Portable Products at Atlas Copco Power Technique. “Our long-lasting high quality tools are defined by a combination of top quality fabrication materials and precision engineering.”

The working tools at the business end of the handheld products used for breaking, digging, cutting, compacting, etc. are manufactured from low carbon steel and combine the advantages of case hardened skin without the risk of core brittleness. These components are forged under traditional hammers which allow for beneficial grain flows and enhanced durable strength. True contact between the piston and the striking end or striking face transmits the maximum blow energy to the workplace.

When designing handheld tools, Atlas Copco does so with customer productivity as well as operator comfort and safety top of mind. Thanks to the tools’ flexibility, versatility and interchangeability, customers can simply unscrew the tools to swap them in no time, keeping downtime to a minimum. The tool portfolio also features reduced noise levels and effective dust control. Boasting the best-in-class power-to-weight ratio, all tools are ergonomically designed, well-balanced and comfortable to handle, minimising operator fatigue. The HAPS™ (Hand and Arm Protection Systems) innovation on the pneumatic and petrol-driven tool ranges minimise the impact of vibrations. “This innovation can extend daily working hours by as much as six times longer, giving an unmatched boost to productivity,” notes Stanford. The two-step SOFTSTART™ trigger on the Atlas Copco pneumatic breaker range gives the operator full control when starting a cut, even under difficult conditions.

Thanks to the Solid Body design the single cast one-piece pneumatic breakers and rock drill ranges contain fewer parts for increased reliability and a low centre of gravity for good balance. Moreover, the pneumatic range’s highly efficient silencer reduces noise levels by 75% while the air cushioned piston lowers vibration and wear. Stanford also points out that several pneumatic tools can be powered by a single compressor, delivering the benefit of lowest total cost of ownership to customers.

Atlas Copco’s pneumatic tools range is supported by a professional service portfolio that includes high-quality Air Line accessories such as air hoses and hose nipples. The offering also extends to couplings, water separators and Air Oil lubricants for drills and breakers.

Turning to Atlas Copco’s hydraulic tool range, Stanford says, “We have packed a lot of power into these small machines.” Their smart design extends service life through a closed-loop system that prevents dirt and moisture ingress and fewer moving parts that reduce wear and maintenance. These compact multifunctional hydraulic breakers, core drills and cut-off saws are ideal for operation in applications where space is limited such as indoor and even under water areas. “We also offer a diverse service portfolio which includes hydraulic accessories such as plug-and-play hoses, couplings, adaptors, etc.; the tools will do the rest.”

A petrol-driven tool is as simple as grab-and-go and Atlas Copco’s completely autonomous, easy-to-service Cobra petrol drills and breakers are certainly no exception. Easy transportation and a rapid set up time ensure efficient operation in applications such as concrete breaking, asphalt cutting, tamping, compacting; driving (spikes, tubes, poles, ground rods and probes) as well as digging (ditches and holes) in remote locations and hard-to-reach areas.

Completing the customer-centric petrol driven drills and breakers is an all-inclusive service package that includes everything a customer will require during the product’s lifespan such as preventative maintenance, fluids, start-up and cosmetic kits.

“Whether pneumatic, hydraulic or petrol-driven, our state-of-the-art handheld tools will assist customers in taking their productivity and profitability to the next level. We are passionate about cultivating long-term relationships with our customers so that we remain their preferred handheld tool partner along their business growth journey,” concludes Stanford.

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