New parts for Atlas Copco air compressors and other reputable brands – we have the best of both

The Atlas Copco brand is globally renowned for quality – rooted in the manufacturing of products using superior quality materials and cutting-edge technologies in ISO-accredited production facilities applying best practices. Atlas Copco extends this premium quality narrative to its after-market service solutions. Machines are regularly serviced and maintained over their complete life cycle by skilled Atlas Copco technicians using top quality parts. What this means for customers is that they can rely on their Atlas Copco machines to perform reliably and efficiently, leading to optimised plant availability and sustainable production. 

“When customers purchase our machines, they are investing in so much more than 140 years of innovation; they also gain our outstanding after-market services,” says Lezanne Billings who heads up Parts Sales & Marketing at Atlas Copco Compressor Technique business area. “We support our Atlas Copco products with after-market solutions and advanced service products. This includes our service offering for other reputable brands and not limited to our premium Atlas Copco brand. We offer OEM parts and parts of matching quality manufactured by Atlas Copco for competitor units. Replacing like for like adds great value; it ensures that machines will continue to operate reliably and efficiently, ultimately keeping operating costs and total cost of ownership low.”  

“As a specialist service provider and market leader, we are trusted by our customers to have all the necessary capabilities to service their air compressors irrespective of the brand using superior quality parts,” continues Billings. “And once alternative compressors are beyond economic repair, our customers also respect our abilities in being able to recommend an Atlas Copco replacement unit as the most optimal solution opening the door to our wide innovative product scope”

It was exactly with these objectives in mind that Atlas Copco established the competitor parts divisions “Edmac” in Belgium in 2008. Billings explains: “Edmac enables us to provide our customers with excellent service supported by superior quality parts and availability. Edmac offers OEM parts and UNI parts for other reputable compressor brands and navigating through the website is effortless. (

The UNI range is a complete offering of consumables and lubricants for other manufacturers equipment developed with Atlas Copco expertise to our strict quality standards which meets or even exceeds the OEM specifications.

So, through our ability to offer quality parts for both Atlas Copco air compressors and alternative units, we have in effect consolidated the compressor room. Customers and end-users, irrespective of their air compressor brand, have the convenience of dealing with a single-source supplier for all their air compressor requirements.” 

The Edmac Belgium Distribution Centre (DC) has a massive part holding capacity but Billings notes that customers as well as distributors are able to purchase their parts from Atlas Copco’s Jet Park DC in Johannesburg. “We stock the common parts and are always extending our stock based on order history and customer requests in advance. In addition, non stocked items in JHB can be delivered within 7 days to South Africa” Billings says that all necessary steps are taken to save on both lead times and costs for customers because Atlas Copco understands zero tolerance for downtime. She points out however that lead times do vary according to the popularity of the compressor and that non-stocked items in Belgium’s DC normally carries a four to six-week delivery-which can be managed with forward planning.

With the establishment of UNI Parts, Atlas Copco has extended its service value proposition to other brands. Atlas Copco is also able to make improvements on these parts based on the company’s in-depth knowledge and know-how by the hands of the best experts. The favourably priced UNI Parts products reflect the same renowned Atlas Copco quality, helping customers save on costs while benefitting from outstanding performance and reliability. All parts from Edmac carry a three-month warranty.

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