Shutterlock is well-known for the passion they have for lifting and rigging equipment.

At the heart of the problem-solving solutions which customers are presented with lies the shackle.

It is this piece of equipment that echoes the ethos of Shutterlock, being Save life. The humble Crosby shackle which Shutterlock carries in excess of 35 metric tons of stock and dispatches approximately 58 metric tons of stock per annum, is the core to any safe lifting procedure. Shackles in every configuration are available, be it screw pin, chain, bolt type or wide body ranging from 0.5ton to 125ton ex stock.

Shackles are used in the following applications;  

Round Pin Shackles can be used in tie down, towing, suspension or lifting applications where the load is strictly applied in-line. Screw Pin Shackles can be used in any application where round pin shackles are used. In addition, screw pin shackles can be used for applications involving side-loading circumstances. Reduced working load limits are required for side- loading applications.

Bolt-Type Shackles can be used in any application where round pin or screw pin shackles are used. In addition, they are recommended for permanent or long-term installations and where the load may slide on the shackle pin causing the pin to rotate.

The signature “red pin” Crosby shackle is manufactured and tested to globally accepted standards in the following ways;

  • Charpy impact properties: Crosby’s Quenched and Tempered shackles have enhanced impact properties for greater toughness at all temperatures. If requested at the time of order, Crosby can provide Charpy impact properties.

  • Fatigue properties: Fatigue properties are available for 1/3 to 55 metric ton shackles. These Crosby shackles are fatigue rated to 20 000 cycles at 1-1/2 times the Working Load Limit.

  • Ductility properties: Typical ductility properties are available for all sizes upon special request.

  • Hardness levels and material tensile strengths: Typical values are available for all sizes of shackles, and actual values can be furnished if requested at the time of order.

  • Proof testing: If requested at the time of order, shackles can be proof tested with certificates.

  • Mag certification: If requested at the time of order, shackles can be Mag inspected with certificates.

  • Certification: Certification to world class standards is available upon special request at the time of order; American Bureau of Shipping, Lloyds Register of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas, American Petroleum Institute, RINA, Nuclear Regulatory Commissions, and several other worldwide standards.

  • Material analysis: Crosby can provide certified material (mill) analysis for each production lot, traceable by the Product identification Code (PIC). Crosby, through its own laboratory, verifies the analysis of each heat of steel. Crosby purchases only special bar forging quality steel with specific cleanliness requirements and guaranteed hardenability.

  • Field inspection: Written instructions for visual, magnaflux, and dye penetrant inspection of shackles are available from Crosby by requesting same from Shutterlock. In addition, acceptance criteria and repair procedures for shackles are available.

  • Quic-check: Shackles incorporate tow marking indicators forged into the shackle bow at 45 angles form vertical. These are utilized to quickly check the approximate angle of a two-legged hitch or check the angle of a single leg hitch. If the load is off vertical or side loaded a reduction in the working load limit of the shackle is required.

The solution-based approach which is a standard offering within Shutterlock, will allow end users the peace of mind to use the equipment safely. Training is also offered on an ad-hoc basis for end users who wish to mitigate the risk of ensuring that staff are competent in inspecting and using Crosby lifting and rigging tackle.