“High quality and the ability to be customised to customer specifications coupled with a fast manufacturing base for large quantity orders is what makes the S1 and M2 level switches from Val.Co a leader in the supply of process instrumentation” says Jan Grobler, Managing Director of GHM Messtechnik South Africa.

“These level switches offer exceptional quality, have inside temperature measurement devices as well as being an extremely cost-effective choice. The switches are specifically designed for industries where hydraulic oil tanks are utilised such as the yellow metal industry, mechanicals and automotive” added Grobler.

Simple S1

The Val.Co S1 switch offers level controls with one electrical contact. Reliable, compact and easy to install it is designed to offer a range of level switches to meet the need for monitoring levels in small tanks.

It has a flanged or threaded process connection with an operating ambient temperature of -30/+550C – 90% R.H.  Connections are brass, aluminium and PVC with a closed cell float.

Simple M2

The M2 level controls with two electrical contacts. The principle operation of the M2 is based on the drive of two reed contacts located inside the measuring rod by a magnetic float.

It also offers a flanged or threaded process connection with the same ambient temperature of -30/+550C – 90% R.H. Connections are brass, aluminium and PVC with a closed float cell. The only moving elements are the floats that move for hydrostatic thrust along the measuring rod guaranteeing extreme ruggedness and limited need for maintenance.

The switches come with a SPST or normal closed contact, an operating float of 1800C which can also be normally opened. The level switches supply up to six switches from one sensor. Both instruments can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements.