Shutterlock embraces all aspects of quality and safety within their organisation.

Shutterlock embraces all aspects of quality and safety within their organisation, from the way they conduct their work in a world class sling shop to the products and commodities they distribute to the end user consumers in the Lifting and Rigging environment.

It is this ethos of quality and safety that facilitate that every Vision, Mission, and Objective of the company is measured by their slo­gan “Lifting Safety.” In fact, Lifting Safety is more than just a slogan which appears on their stationery, it is the core description of their business, a non-negotiable stan­dard by which all staff are lead and a characteristic which is clearly evident whenever you are dealing with Shutterlock.

It is by partnering with interna­tionally accredited, industry lead­ing brands that Shutterlock is able to maintain their level of quality and safety which is of utmost importance to the industries they serve. One of these world leading manufacturers, for example is The Crosby Group. Crosby have in recent times ex­panded their product profile to include the Crosby Blokcam range.

Blokcam is an innovative camera system that can be retrofitted to any hook block on a mobile, tower or gantry crane that enables the operator to have a clear view of the load and rigging at all times. The image of the lift is displayed in the operator’s cab reducing the risk of dropped loads or damage to equipment, but most impor­tantly it is a major contributor in reducing the risk of injury or death to workers that through necessity work in close proximity to the lift. The lift visible to the operator, but the image can also be transmitted and recorded to remote devises allowing management to review the lifts for the purpose of training or investigations. If it is an increase in productivity, a reduction in risk or you want to eliminate blind lifts, BLOKCAM is a solution available from Shutter­lock.