To build a successful business, you must start small and dream big. It was these wise words thatechoed through every walkway at Shutterlock (Pty) Ltd.

Walking into the business premises the feeling of professionalism and integrity leaves one astounded. There is a place for everything and everything is in its place. It is the level of the attention to detail and required precision that has lead to Shutterlock becoming the most trusted provider of safety critical equipment to the lifting and rigging industry for the past 35 years.

The employees exude knowledge far beyond the years they have been operational and the investment into their employees, is prevalent from the beginning.

From humble beginnings in 1987, Shutterlock was established, in a small premises in Randfontein on the West Rand of then Johannesburg. The small mining town lead to the decision from their CEO, J. Dean van Zyl, of centrally locating the business between the Gold and Platinum belts. This decision was made to ensure optimisation of the supply chain to the core of the country’s commodity producers, delivering value added solutions timeously.

Shutterlock operated from its first premises until a new bespoke building was built and completed in 2000.
Internationally accredited, recognised and industry leading brands, the likes of *Bridon, Crosby, Kito and McKinnon Chain have chosen to partner with Shutterlock over the years, the latter being the first distribution awarded to them in 1992. However, is the Salva-Vida brand which they are most proud of, their in-house brand of manufactured and assembled products.

The Salva-Vida™ (“Save life” in Portuguese) trademark is directly representative of the ethos of the company. The Salva-Vida brand which exists at the core of the company, not only promoting safety critical equipment but also providing certified and reliable lifting and rigging equipment, which in turn may save a life.

A 1600m2 warehouse is sufficiently stocked with industry leading brands, which is readily available for end-user solutions. From time of order, the components are picked, fabricated, load-tested, packed, delivered or collected in a 72 hour turn-around time, a symphony of efficiency fed by an impressive sling shop. Shutterlock has a swaging press with the capability to swage up to 1600Ton, lead by the expertise of employees who have in excess of 40 years’ experience.

The solution-based approach to the company allows their customers to feel a sense of security and reliability when Shutterlock provides solutions to lifting and rigging challenges. The warehousing facility has recently been expanded to include a 600m2 rope storage facility to maintain the integrity of all product delivered to Shutterlock. This warehouse is equipped with a 25Ton overhead crane to ensure the stacking and rotating of drums containing steel wire rope, is handled safely and efficiently.

It is the sheer passion for lifting and rigging that the CEO of the organisation can be found on the front line of the problem-solving solutions that are presented with confidence to their customers. It is in lifting and rigging that the expertise of the organisation extends well over a century of accumulated knowledge

Crosby Straightpoint Load Cells is a case in point, looking to the future and the constant integration of new and refined technology within the lifting and rigging industry, Shutterlock’s CEO recognised the multi-faceted benefits of the Crosby Straightpoint Insight Software and load monitoring range.

Designed for use on Windows tablets or laptops, Insight software can connect to up to 126 Crosby Straightpoint wireless load cells simultaneously and allows the operator to data-log at speeds up to 200Hz, calculate & display total loads. Advanced features include the ability to map custom display screens and design html reports to simplify reading the telemetry. 

You can use any combination of Crosby Straightpoint’s load cells to monitor your lift. Mix-and-match between Radiolinks and Load Shackles. The maximum wireless range is an impressive 700 meters ensuring the safety of operators monitoring lifts.

Shutterlock have positioned themselves as a benchmark by which I assess all distributors and channel partners. Martin Long (Regional Manager Africa – The Crosby Group).

When you have made it in life, you must give back to those who made you.” It was this sentiment that echoes in my mind. One can understand how this small family business grew to the mammoth international supplier and when simply put, they have what customers need, when customers need it, quality lifting and rigging equipment compliant to the regulations that govern the industry.