Legoux Pty Ltd was founded in 2014 by Tobie Gouws and Roedolf Gouws as a specialist electrical distribution and mechanical structural design company.

Since 2014 the company has completed more than 160 power projects in a number of countries including South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Madagascar and Namibia.

The Legoux engineering team consists of skilled transmission line, electrical and mechanical engineers who together have over 30 years of specialised experience. The focus of the leadership team is on the core business of 11-400kV power line design, 6.6-132kV substation design, as well as structural design.

Overhead Power Lines

Power line technology plays a major role in electrical distribution networks, and overhead power line design is a combination of specialised, electrical, mechanical and civil engineering.

Legoux offers effective and innovative power line design solutions for mines, plants, independent power suppliers, utilities and distributors. Incorporating basic principles of the latest developments and trends in software technology, the company efficiently designs and optimises overhead line and distribution network solutions for clients.

The team offers a range of complete and detailed overhead line design packages that simplify the costing and construction of projects.  Design packages include:  line profiling, PLS-CADD method 3&4 design analysis, dynamic and static loading calculations, structure layout drawings, detailed structure design, detailed structure manufacturing drawings, hardware details, sag and tension charts, line schedules, foundation designs and bill of quantities. Technical, quality and project management assistance is available at all times, and especially during the construction period.

Legoux also specialises in the upgrading and uprating of existing power lines. The team had the opportunity to use high temperature low sag ACCC (carbon core) conductors on various projects to uprate existing power lines that required more current capacity by using reconductoring methods. They have also undertaken projects where they had to upgrade 33kV lattice tower lines to 88kV and also lines where the client had to uplift towers due to clearance issues. 


Substations are built to step-down electricity from high voltage sources to lower voltages for industry or household uses and are key components in distribution networks. These key components include transformers, current transformers, voltage transformers, isolators and circuit breakers. Practical implementation of a substation consists out of multi-skilled engineering such as electrical, structural and civil design.

Legoux offers detailed substation designs that include: layout configurations, civil works and foundations, equipment support structures, earth mat calculation, lightning cover, control and switch room buildings, load flow studies, electrical diagrams and protection details.

Substation projects they completed include, Eskom self-build designs 132/22/11kV, distribution substations for mines and plant 33/11kV, as well as utility distribution substations 275/132/66/11 kV.

Structural Design

Legoux extended its power line and substation business to include structural design. This opened opportunities for them in various sectors such as, communications, solar, advertising and lighting. The company has also partnered with various leading steel manufacturers, and together they are able to provide top-notch solutions in meeting the expectations of their clients.

Structural design services include polygon distribution poles, polygon and tubular lighting poles, timber transmission poles, substation equipment support structures, 5G communication poles, lattice distribution structures, highway advertising board structures and solar panel support structures.

The main focus of the company is consulting on the design aspects of projects, but this is not limited to the many turnkey projects which they have successfully completed and managed. Projects include power line and substation design and construction.

‘We have built valuable relationships with specialised contractors and suppliers over the years, and this gave us the ability to successfully undertake turnkey projects’ – Roedolf Gouws

This consulting engineering company is continuously developing their design processes, engineering skills and incorporating new technology. Using latest versions of design software, and in-house programme development, their mission is to provide clients with detailed and cost-effective solutions. Service and professionalism are the main priority and they strive to