New launch & maintained quality for SA mixer & pump manufacturer.

With the upcoming Electra Mining Africa 2022 expo taking place in September this year, mixer and peristaltic manufacturer Afromix is eager to exhibit at the event and display its pump range and special gas mixer, which will be shown live for guests to feast their eyes on.

In addition to the standard mixer range that will be displayed, the company will provide a tantalizing prelude to the new AFX200 pump that they are planning to launch in upcoming months. “The process development that the mining industry, chemical industry, and gas industry is experiencing sees a growing demand for equipment that will keep up with this technology development. At Afromix, we have been able to keep up with, and stay abreast, of these developments and meet the industry demands with our vast and diverse range of mixers,” says Afromix director Eugene Els. However, these product developments from Afromix are not the only motivation for the company to attend the Electra Mining Africa 2022 event.

With a legacy of 15 plus successful years in business, Afromix has consistently provided phenomenal and unmatched services despite recent global challenges. One of the highlights of this year’s event is that it will be held in person and Afromix is eager to be a part of this post pandemic event. “We see this event as an opportunity that will open the doors for us to show up and meet our clients face-to-face. We can build a relationship with our clients which is fundamentally important, not just for us, but for the industry” says Els, who acknowledges the contribution of the company’s worldclass staff members. “One of our greatest assets is our staff. They have shown dedication and loyalty. When I look around at our operations, the same faces that started with us, are still the same faces I see when I look around today. Our staff members have had a long tenure with us, and that is something that speaks for itself,” says Els.

In addition to having a strong workforce behind its operations, Els also attributes the company’s success to the fact that the company has successfully established its own local manufacturing workshops. “Having our workshops based locally has brought about a number of successes. While our competitors sub-contract their manufacturing processes, we have established our own workshop with our own facilities and our own training programmes, which ultimately sets us apart. Having our workshops based locally allows us to take full accountability in the manufacturing process, and it allows us to provide premium quality products and still expedite it timeously,” says Els.

He explains that while a lot of processes do depend on imports, having locally based workshops streamlines a substantial proportion of the manufacturing process The company is also able to create a number of jobs within the communities where our workshops are based. Afromix is also actively involved in a number of community outreach programmes. In a recent interview with Engineering Africa Els proudly spoke about the Afromix facilities in Kariega, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, that will soon be expanded by another 2000m2. “With the additional machinery that we have attained, an expansion was the next step, and we are extremely excited about this expansion project. We have invested a lot of interest into the surrounding community and the majority of the employees are recruited from our training programme that we run in Kariega.

“This growth and expansion have even trickled down into our staff, and we have recently appointed a new general manager of the Kariega workshop, Binita Bentley. She was the most competent and the most qualified person for this position, and she has allowed for a wonderful and welcomed change of narrative in an industry that is predominantly occupied by men,” Els explains. When asked about any new product developments in addition to the AFX200 pump that Afromix might be expecting to launch, Els explained that they are continuously to trying to enhance and improve upon the existing product base that the company has already developed.

“We aim to provide complete, turnkey solutions to our clients. By advancing existing technology and advancing our processes, we are able to better manage supply chain deficiencies while still developing and launching new products. In this way, we can manage the entire production process, mitigating challenges, such as less reliable imports, which can reduce lead time and make our supply chain more dependable,” explains Els.

Being an industry leader for more than a decade, Afromix continues to supply premium mixer and pump ranges while maintaining quality and proudly boasting its South African heritage in operations on a global scale.